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FFS!! Idiot! by Matt Howarth
February 28, 2011, 12:01 pm
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Driver plows into Brazilian Critical Mass Ride. Accelerating through 130 riders, the driver hit 20 of them putting 9 in the hospital. No fatalities. This bike ride was to raise awareness of cycling in a city dominated by motor vehicles.


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That made me feel sick……

Comment by Charlie

Jayzus. Horrific stuff. The possibility of this sort of reaction is the VERY reason I stopped attending Critical Mass long ago. The intentions of (most of) those who attend Critical Mass are positive, but the reality is that impeding someone’s already painful journey to work/home/kids with a giant mob of cyclists, is possibly THE BEST way to make people – many of whom may have been sympathetic to the cause of cycling – instantly despise you and everyone else on a bike.
Critical Mass is the dumbest thing since PETA.

Comment by mhk

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