Southsea Fixed Gear Fight Club

December 1, 2008, 5:33 pm
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Joyrider is a revolutionary accessory that transforms a bicycle into a moving light show using just one LED.

The design evokes new rave couture, with its iconic smiley face and the strobe effect, bringing kitsch glamour to the cycling experience. The two sterling silver, Swarovski studded components are attached to the spokes of the wheel, emitting a fixed image of a smiley face using a single LED light. This effect is achieved through inbuilt microchips that are able to calculate the speed of the wheel in such a way that the smiley face remains stationary while the wheel spins.

The photographed bicycle is custom designed by Waldemeyer in a vintage style to evoke the past when cycling was seen as a glamorous activity. Joyrider looks towards a future where new technology and design may restore lost elegance into modern life.

The two devices were auctioned at the ICA 2008 Gala: Figures of Speech in February, where they fetched £2000.






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